Crazy Quail Mini

Crazy Quail Mini

The Crazy Quail Mini is a new "REVOLUTION" in target shooting. Currently in the final stages of development, this machine will be able to out maneuver ANY throwing machine currently on the market.

Since we began a little over a year and half ago traveling around the country introducing inquistive shooters to our Quad model, we learned that our "giant" machine is a bit over the budget of a large number of shooters and organizations. This year we strived to not only remedy that situation, but exceed it.

Introducing the Crazy Quail Mini; a smaller, more affordable version of our original Crazy Quail machine with all the 360 degree rotating fun you love!! The Mini features a completely new electronics system which will give you control unlike you've ever had before.

Control It With Your iPhone!

The Mini works with our unique wireless gateway, complete with Bluetooth Low Energy. Just connect up your iPhone and you can control up to 256 Mini's with just your phone! Make them rotate in sync, throw a set number of targets with a set number of seconds interval and away you go. You can even SHAKE the phone to throw a target!!

You can certainly buy the mini base alone without a thrower, but add on MEC's new thrower they built specially for us with Power Tilt or the Wobble Chucker from R.L. Torresdal and you now have 20 degrees of elevation control as well! You get all this control with a remote that works at least 500 yards away! Now that is control!

Crazy Quail is the best practice you can shoot while it's spinning giving you unlimited target presentations, but you can also stop the machine at the perfect angle and just practice that shot till you've mastered it! It's simply amazing.

We're still putting the finishing touches on this machine to make sure it's not only incredible but reliable as well. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring this new "revolution" to the market!

Basic Specs

  • Length and Width: 44” X 44” (with the jacks collapsed). 54" X 54" with jacks fully extended.
  • Height: 60" - 76" (Height varies depending on thrower model and the height at which the jacks are raised to)
  • Weight: 565 lbs. - 600 lbs (Weight varies depending on thrower model)
  • Power: 12V100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery (Included). Charger not included


Crazy Quail Mini Base Package
Includes 360° rotating base, wheel kit, trailer tongue, gateway controller, and mobile app. Thrower not included.

Base with Wheel Kit $3,500


Crazy Quail Mini Full Motion Package
Includes 360° rotating base, MEC thrower with motorized tilt and roll, wheel kit, gateway controller, and mobile app.

200CQ $7,500
300CQ $8,000


Crazy Quail Mini Standard Package
Includes 360° rotating base, MEC thrower with motorized tilt (roll can be manually adjusted), wheel kit, gateway controller, and mobile app.

100E (No Elevate) $4,600
200E $6,500
300E $7,000

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Lifetime warranty on one-way bearings and main shaft on all MEC machines, excluding 100E series.

1 year warranty on all Crazy Quail bases.

Shipping and handling, or delivery, charges are not included in the above pricing.

Training available at additional cost.

Add sales tax where applicable (IL).

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