Random or Repeatable
One Machine, Ulimited Possibilities

The Crazy Quail Mini is a new "REVOLUTION" in target shooting. With the Crazy Quail, you can shoot while it's spinning, giving you unlimited target presentations, but you can also stop the machine at the perfect angle and just practice that shot till you've mastered it! It's simply amazing.
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Rotates 360°

Throw targets in any direction

Elevates 40°

Throw targets near or far

Rolls 60°

Throw targets with a curve (optional)

The Crazy Quail Application

Our Crazy Quail machines are controled using an application we developed that allows you to tailor your target shooting experience. Control one or many of our machines with a simple tablet or phone. Our mini comes with a Samsung Tablet already loaded with our app, yet you can install our app on any device being developed for both Apple and Android systems.
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Game Time With Crazy Quail

You can build and play your own games with the Crazy Quail Application, but it also comes pre-programmed with some standards that will keep you and your team improving your skills. Plug your players into the app and load up for some fun target practice.

Reinventing Shooting

Built By Shooters
For Shooters

Crazy Quail's target systems have one focus, to get you shooting more. We develop systems that will make you a better shooter by constantly introducing new challenges and features.

Innovation Is Key

Profitable Automation

Crazy Quail focuses on developing the most high-tech automated target systems that are efficient, versatile, simple to use, and all around more fun to shoot! More clays in the air means more money. Start generating real revenue by getting people shooting more and staying longer.
Crazy Quail Mini Machine